Job title: Marketing Manager
Job duties: Responsible for managing marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities at organization. Takes steps to measure, enhance, and enrich the position and image of a company through various goals and objectives.
Requirement: 10 years of experience in as marketing managers with a bachelor's degree in marketing or business with a concentration in marketing and promotions.
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Job title: Recruiting specialist
Job duties: Responsible for understanding the client requirements and sourcing the profiles accordingly through job portals referrals and databases. Conducting primary telephonic interviews to check the candidate’s soft skill and availability. Assisting the clients and candidates in the selection process and following-up with candidates till he/she joins and even post their joining of the company.
Requirement:3 years of experience in recruitment for IT companies with Bacheolar degree.
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Job title: Business Analyst
Job duties: Defines and documents customer business functions and processes. Consults with functional unit management and personnel to identify, define and document business needs and objectives, current operational procedures, problems, input and output requirements, and levels of systems access.
Requirement: 5 years of experience in business process analysis, major computer system implementations, change management, large group facilitation, and/or major analytical or research studies.
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